BrooklynJS #59


On the third Thursday of every month, the local JavaScript community gets together for a day to hang out and talk shop.

The main event is BrooklynJS, which starts at 7pm and includes community-curated lightning talks with musical interludes. Admission is $15 and comes with a custom commemorative enamel pin.

We also pre-game BrooklynJS with Boroughgramming, a day of local co-working starting at 10am. We'll bring food, Internet, power outlets, and a space to work in. You bring a laptop and something to work on. Even if you've got an office you normally go to, this is a good chance to spend a productive day working remotely with good food and folk. Admission is $30 and includes a ticket to BrooklynJS and a locally catered lunch from Brooklyn and beyond, including meats and cheeses from Brooklyn Cured and Saxelby Cheese, bread from Orwashers,pretzels from Sigmonds, and pickles from Brooklyn Brine. We'll also have a few urns of drip coffee from Oslo Coffee Roasters.

All proceeds (after bar, venue, and other costs) go ScriptEd. For details, check out our budget.

If you can't get a ticket for either, feel free to show up for bevera.js (pun intended) downstairs around 9pm, when we all head down to hydrate.

If you would like to sponsor BrooklynJS, a $500 sponsor token will get two of your developers (no recruiters, please) into the event, a place to put your shwag, and a minute to introduce yourself to the audience. Check out our Sponsorship FAQ for more information and please contact us here before buying, as we're very picky about who we let in, and want to make sure there's a good fit with your company and our objectives as a community event. But with previous sponsors including GitHub, Etsy, and DigitalOcean, you'd be in good company.

For details, head to Or find us on Twitter at @brooklyn_js.

Tickets Prices in USD

  • Please contact before buying the ticket. We want to make sure there's a good fit with your company and our objectives as a community event.
    $500 , On sale 12am EDT, 21st September
  • Regular BrooklynJS + a day of co-working with lunch and coffee.
    $30 , On sale 10am EDT, 5th October
  • Regular ticket to BrooklynJS.
    $15 , On sale 10am EDT, 5th October
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